Easter Rabbit, zombie duck and my first ever go at piping

I like cooking and I’ve been known to bake a cake or two in my time, but I’ve never really got my head around decorating cakes. It’s partly because I’m very clumsy.

On Wednesday night, I joined a lovely bunch of ladies at Cottonpollis WI (www.cottonopoliswi.com) decorating chocolate eggs as rabbits, chicks, swans and all sorts – it was so easy to do so I thought  I’d share with you what we did. I’ve been an member of Cottonopolis WI since it started in January 2015.

It’s wet here today so no gardening  today.

And in the best Blue Peter tradition, here’s one I prepared earlier…

Easter bunny with flowers - 1 April 2014

Easter bunny with flowers – 1 April 2015

This was the first time I’d done any piping ever.  He looks a bit ‘max wall’ – my chap was very impressed though and I’m not sure he’ll last to Easter Sunday.

What you need:

  • A solid filled mini egg – like a cream egg
  • Small amount of chocolate (melted in the microwave for about 15 secs) in a ramekin
  • Some almond paste (or marzipan for yellow) – you can get this on the internet or cake decorating shops.
  • food colouring for red (for nose), green ( foliage), orange (for carrot) – mix in separate bowls following the instructions.
  • Piping bags made of grease proof paper – wrapped over and cut small hole in end 
  • Icing paste (one black and one white in the bags) from icing sugar – you also buy it ready made and make the piping bags before you start – video 
  • Sugar paste props – flowers etc – again you can get these from cake decorating shops or  internet


  • Sharp knife
  • Small fork
  • Spoon for smearing chocolate
  • A cocktail stick
  • Small cake platters
  • Small display bag and some ribbon
equipment needed - 3 April 2015

equipment needed and all laid out ready  – 3 April 2015

Instructions (see pictures)

  1. Take a ball of cream almond paste (about 2/3 size of the egg)
  2. Cut it in half (one half will be the head)
  3. Cut the other half in half again – so that two feet are a quarter of original ball and two arms are another quarter of the first ball.
  4. Roll out two feet and stick to the small cake platters with a blob of warm chocolate – use fork or cocktail stick to mark toes.
  5. Blob more warm chocolate between the feet and place the egg carefully in the middle – make sure it’s not leaning.
  6. Use the other quarter and roll out two arms – make sure they’re the same length and dab chocolate on the inside of arms and stick to the egg. Use cocktail stick to mark paws.
  7. Take the other half the cream almond ball and roll into a ball – cut half way down into ball and pull two half apart – mould these carefully into ears and make face a bit more pointy– mine are quite thick cos I was worried head would fall off
  8. use a cocktail stick to make eyes and nose
  9. Dab warm chocolate on top of egg between top of arms and place head carefully in middle – press down so it sticks.
  10. Roll a small ball of red almond paste for the nose – stick in the a small blob of red almond paste with the piping bag.
  11. Hold the piping bag with between hand and thumb with thumb at rolled over end – press down firmly from top end towards thin/hole end and take it SLOWLY.  Dab on white eye balls and then back spot for pupils.
  12. Orange almond paste roll into a cone for a carrot and three tiny green leaves – stick them all on with warm chocolate.
  13. Stand back and admire your efforts
  14. Gift wrapping – carefully put the rabbit in the bag and tie a ribbon – Ask an adult if you’re clumsy like me.
rabbit in gift bag - 3 April 2015

rabbit in gift bag – 3 April 2015

I was feeling brave so I decided to do another one – a duck….

zombie duck - 3 April 2015

zombie duck – 3 April 2015

He didn’t survive the zombie apocalypse – did you miss that last night?

Many thanks to Deb who demonstrated what to do and came round and helped everyone out.  I think you can hire her to come to your group too, I’m finding out.

We all had a great time and there are more pictures of our efforts – www.facebook.com/cottonopolisWI  I’ll persevere with piping too. I doubt I’ll get less clumsy though 😉 There’s many opportunities to try new things with the WI – not about jam and Jerusalem.

You can find out more about what I get up to with Cottonopolis WI here


Are you making anything this weekend? Do let me know…

Carpe Diem

Love Bec xx


4 thoughts on “Easter Rabbit, zombie duck and my first ever go at piping

    1. Bec Post author

      Ha thank you. My chap hasn’t eaten his rabbit yet. Nope never done piping before. It was fun to do though. I don’t think I’ll be giving up the day job anytime soon to take up cake making/decorating though 🙂



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