In a vase on Monday – dahlias and happiness

This morning I found a mini red and yellow dahlia hiding in a pot – it really made me very happy to see it lurking among some rather slug-ravaged leaves – it’s the only flower.   I decided to pick it for my ‘In a vase on Monday’ and place it in a mini milk bottle – the whole arrangement is only about four inches high.  The bottle is part of set of five that appeared as my second  ‘In a vase on Monday’ back in March 2015 – tête a tête daffodils and purple pansies.

It’s made me smile as I’d just about given up on any dahlias from this pot and the weather in Manchester is on the turn – Autumn is definitely on its way.  I’m not complaining as we’ve had a warm and dry September.  I really must crack on with planting my bulbs  though.  There are still many flowers around in the garden so I’m hoping for a colourful ‘In a vase on Monday’ next week.

mini red yellow dahlia milkbottle #100dayshappy

mini red and yellow dahlia in milk bottle – 5 October 2015
#100happydays 1/100

‘In a vase on Monday’ is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden – she’s got a really pretty collection of pink and purple flowers in a mini vase too. It was good to hear more about her Grannie too and good to hear how a love of gardening goes down the generations.   Memories of my gran popped into my mind – she was an inspirational lady too, but not much of gardener, as she bred and showed beagles.

I love looking through everyone’s vases from around the world, the varieties of flowers and when they flower – and it has really helped lift my mood even if I don’t comment often. Given me so many ideas about what I could grow in my soggy north facing Mancunian garden.

Life has been very hectic for the last few months and big life things have overtaken me, especially since the death of my friend in April 2015.  I’ve struggled to write, including on my blog too and my brain has felt full of sludge – a bit weird for a usually chatty, outgoing person.   But, I think I’ve turned a corner and I hope I’ll be back to my usual self soon.

Then something popped up on twitter about the 100happydays challenge – and I decided to have a go.

  • Asking can you be happy for 100 days in a row?  
  • Every day submit a picture of what made you happy!
  • It can be about anything or anyone.  
  • It’s a way of getting in touch with the moment you’re in
  • People can submit photos privately too.

So this photo is my first entry for the #100happydays challenge.   

It couldn’t really be anything other than a flower;  as my flowers and garden have brought me so much solace this year during such difficult times and my garden has been my sanctuary.  The Great Gardens (like Tatton, Heligan, Bodnant and Dunham Massey) we’ve visited have helped too as well as all the beautiful flowers from all gardening bloggers across the world.   I’ve been getting back into yoga (it helps my back trouble) and have been doing some mindfulness practise too.    There are 80 days until Christmas, it’s my birthday next week and my Chap’s the week after.

We are off to Lisbon on Saturday and I think there might be a garden visit or two.

I’ll be posting my photos for #100happydays challenge on twitter feed everyday (@becinmonton – in my blog sidebar)– so do have a look and I’ll also do some update blogs too.

#100happydays challenge so far: 

Anyone around the world can get involved in #100happyday or just have a look around on the hashtag or on facebook too.                                                    

Have a good week everyone and I hope you find a flower lurking somewhere unexpected.

Carpe Diem


Bec xx

10 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – dahlias and happiness

    1. Bec Post author

      thank you Donna 🙂 yes I’m really looking forward to seeing lisbon – lots of museums and art galleries too and excellent food 🙂 love bec xx


  1. Cathy

    The dahlia was definitely a surprise to make you happy – so thanks for sharing that and your determination to find 100 days of happiness. A challenge like that should be a good incentive, particularly from a sludgy brain start. The mindfulness practice should be really helpful – and if you could fit in tai chi as well as (or instead of) yoga I would recommend that too. Take care Bec and don’t forget to nurture yourself and the future as well as memories and the past.


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