#100happydays challenge 14-20 food, music, Victoria baths

An update on my  #100happydays challenge – http://100happydays.com/ from last month. In mid October, I went back to my normal life after a lovely week in Lisbon – and it was eclectic.  Some gardening, music, good food with friends and visiting the Victoria Baths in Fallowfield, Manchester.

birthday meal in Smiths (14/100), fushias in my garden (15/100), editors tickets (16/100), lunch with my pal E (17/100) #100happydays

birthday meal in Smiths (14/100), fushias in my garden (15/100), editors tickets (16/100), lunch with my pal E (17/100) #100happydays

14/100 – Our birthday meal in Smiths, Eccles   My birthday and my chap’s birthday are a week apark – no pressure then when it comes to presents and celebrating 🙂  We went for a lovely meal at Smith’s in Eccles; it’s a bistro style restaurant with an excellent, ever changing seasonal menu.  It’s an Eccles institution and I’ve been going for at least 18 years.   It was a great meal as usual, the bubbly was just lovely.  I had some fish – what a surprise 😉

15/100 – fuchsias in the garden – mid October 2015 The fuchsias are STILL flowering in my garden (and it’s mid November when I write this post) both the tender and hardy ones.  We are having very odd weather this Autumn, it’s been 12/16 degrees most days/most of October and November so lots of the summer bedding plants are still flowering away. I love fuchsias – When I was a child they always reminded me of ballerinas.  My mother always had a lot of fuchsias on her patio both hardy and tender.  She’s still got plenty and she’s bought us quite a few over the six years I’ve lived in my house.  I’ve got a huge relative of ‘tom thumb’ outside my kitchen window which reminds me of the lanes of West Ireland which have miles of tall fuchsia bushes.  I’m surprised fuchsias aren’t in ‘My in a vase on Monday’ more often – I think it might be because I’ve not got the right vases. There is time yet this year though 🙂

16/100 – tickets for Editors I’m also surprised how little I’ve talked about my love of music and gigging on my blog.  I think this might be because I’ve had such a difficult year and haven’t been to see much live music. We are very fortunate in Manchester that there’s a huge live music scene from the Arena (where the likes of Kylie, Take That, Kaiser Chiefs and The Who gig – capacity 21,000) the Apollo in Ardwick, a former theatre/cinema where you’d see the indie guitar bands and Neil Young recently (capacity 3,500). There’s also the three Academy venues in the student union where you can see bands on their way up and on their way down (and the odd tribute act too). The largest venue Academy 1 is a separate building. is the largest standing only venue in the UK – 2,600, Academy 2 – which is a bit like a school hall (900) and Academy 3 (450).  There’s also Band on the Wall (a Mancunian institution), the Ritz (bouncy dance floor), Ruby Lounge, the Deaf Institute, Night and Day, Dry Bar and the Castle on Oldham Street.   And the new kid on the block is Albert Hall – except it’s been around for 100 years – it’s a former Wesleyan Hall. We are going to see Father John Misty there next year.  For the classic music fan’s there’s the Bridgewater Hall, Cheetham’s and the Royal Northern School of Music.  We’ve got three theatres too (The Palace, Royal Exchange and Opera House). That’s just some of the venues in the city centre, there are plenty more in the suburbs. 17/100 – Lovely lunch with my friend E in Umami Umami is a noodle bar on Oxford Road and it’s exceptionally popular with the staff and students.  I eat their often with my pals as the lunch deal is great.  I had a lovely catch up with an old friend who’s the epitome of renaissance woman – a scientist, film maker, writer, allotmenter, traveller and science communicator.   We had much to catch up on, but most of all we were talking about her and my plans for the future.  And I’m off to London in December to help her celebrate her receiving an MBE.  Awesome!!

Editors (18/100), Pimms on the sofa (19/100), Victoria Baths tunstile and No1 men's pool (20/100) #100happydays

Editors (18/100), Pimms on the sofa (19/100), Victoria Baths turnstile and No1 men’s pool (20/100) #100happydays

18/100 Editors at Academy 1, Student Union, Manchester University

It was a cracking gig – Editors were on very good form and we thoroughly enjoyed the songs from new album.  I’ve been a long time fan of them and first saw them supporting Franz Ferdinand in 2005 a few years after they formed in Stafford in 2002.  Also saw them support REM (who are my all time favourite band) in 2008 at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, at Bingley festival in Yorkshire, as well as four or five gigs since then.  My chap hadn’t really heard of them until he met me but he’s a convert too.

19/100 Drinking pints of Pimms on a Friday night with my chap

I’m well known for my love of pints of Pimms (without fruit); that’s all my Dad’s fault as he got me into drinking pints of Pimms on sunny afternoons in the garden with a barbecue.   I drink the Blackberry and Elderflower Pimms too, which is just like alcoholic Vimto.

20/100 – Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road, Manchester Victoria Baths on Hathersage Road, Manchester opened in 1906 and “the most splendid municipal bathing institution in the country” and “a water palace of which every citizen of Manchester can be proud.”  It had swimming facilities (No1 Men’s pool, No2 Men’s Pool, Women’s Pool, Turkish Baths and washing facilities). It was (and is) a much loved facility for the residents of intercity Manchester.  The building provided spacious and extensive facilities for swimming, bathing and leisure. It was built of the highest quality material; it has the most incredible stained glass, terracotta, tiles, as well as mosaic floors. It was closed as a swimming pool in 1993, despite a vigorous campaign to keep it open.  The Friends of the Baths was set up soon afterwards; UK readers might remember it was the Winner of Restoration in 2002.  A great deal of money and time has been spent on its restoration since 1995.  It’s run as an arts/public space and hosts many craft/art fairs as well as music and dance events.  The Volunteers (Friends of the Baths) told me it’s unlikely it will ever open as a swimming baths again because it would be so expensive to run.  But, they hope one day to open the Turkish Baths area for spa treatments etc. My chap and I spent a lovely afternoon wandering around a craft fair, did a guided tour and I took a lot of pictures – I love tiles and doorways (intriguing where they lead).   I really recommend visiting.

These eight pictures are from mid October 2015 

35/100 lavender #lovewins #jesuisParis – 14 November 2015

I’m writing this post the day after the atrocities in Paris. I am so sad for all the people who lost their lives or were injured.  My thoughts and condolences go to all their family and friends. These murders are NOT done in the name of the Islam I know of – extremists and terrorists WILL NOT win.

‪#‎lovewins‬ NOT HATE NOT FEAR #freedomwins I’ve chosen lavender as today’s picture – it’s the symbol of everlasting love.

35/100 lavender - everlasting love #lovewins #jesuisParisienne

36/100 lavender – everlasting love #lovewins #jesuisParisienne


#100happydays challenge 

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#100happydays challenge is very simple:

  • Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?  
  • Every day submit a picture of what made you happy!
  • It can be about anything or anyone.  
  • It’s a way of getting in touch with the moment you’re in
  • People can submit photos privately too.

Anyone around the world can get involved in #100happyday or just have a look for the hashtag or on facebook too.             

Carpe Diem

love Bec xx

17 thoughts on “#100happydays challenge 14-20 food, music, Victoria baths

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    1. Bec Post author

      Thank you 🙂 if you’re in the area umami is well worth a visit. Yes I’m enjoying the challenge of finding happiness even on tough days. It reminds me how lucky I am


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