family, food, friends and adventures too

An update on my  #100happydays challenge – from the end of November 2015; work and preparations for Christmas completely caught up with me so I’m way behind with my summaries.  Reflecting on these pictures, reminded me of the importance of family, friends, doing the things you love and most of all how much flowers and my garden can lift my mood.   Have a good week everyone and come back soon to see the next instalment.

#100happydays 42/100 fuchsias flowering in November, 43/100 mid week roast chicken dinner, 44/100 talking to my brother, 45/100 this card

#100happydays 42/100 fuchsias still flowering in November, 43/100 mid week roast chicken dinner, 44/100 talking to my brother, 45/100 this card made me laugh

42/100 – Fuchsias still flowering in late November 

I’ve mentioned a couple of times on my blog, and on twitter, about how weird the weather has been in the UK this Autumn. In our part of Salford in Lancashire, most of the flowers in the garden continued to flower well into December – fuchsias, dahlias (see below), geraniums, hydrangeas, etc.  Other fuchsias in the garden flowered right into mid December and starred in a Vase on Monday.

It’s been very mild but wet especially in December – we had dreadful floods in elsewhere in Salford only a couple of miles from me.   Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Scotland have all been flooded – it’s just dreadful as it wrecks lives, homes and businesses.

43/100 – mid week roast chicken dinner

My Chap was home from work early (which is just about unheard of) so we had a roast chicken dinner – it was an 11/10 effort.   I wrote more about how My Chap, and the other men in my life show their love by making great food last month.

44/100 – talking to my brother and the family in Australia

My Brother has lived in Australia for nearly 25 years and I now have a lovely Australian sister in law and two clever, kind and beautiful nieces.   It’s always lovely to speak to them all on the phone/skype.   This photo of my brother was taken last time we all saw each other in January 2015 in Munich.  My brother is a shocking photobomber!

45/100 – my friends are ace! 

My pal sent me this card – it really made me laugh and gosh it sums up my year in a lot of ways, except for the medication unless you count pints of Pimms (and alot of mindfulness). I’m not angry about what’s happened, just very sad.  Diane said she misread it as ‘meditation’ which is much more apt.

#100happydays 46/100 paul weller, 47/100 Packet House Worsley, 48/100 dahlias, 46/100 Dewleys cheese

#100happydays 46/100 paul weller, 47/100 Packet House Worsley, 48/100 dahlias still flowering in November, 46/100 cheese win with Dewleys

46/100 – Paul Weller at Manchester Arena.

My Chap and I went to see the Modfather at Manchester Arena – we’ve both been fans ever since The Jam and have seen him play three or four times.  He was on top form, playing for over two hours.  As usual, My Chap told me the makes and model of all the guitars Paul was using.

47/100 – Packet House at Worsley, Salford 

The Packet House was built in 1760, with the mock tutor black and white panelling added in the 1850s by the 1st Earl of Egerton.   Travellers would  have got boats on the Bridgewater Canal at the Boat steps at the front of the house to travel to Manchester and Liverpool.    The ‘Packet’ refers to the papers/documents which were transported and it would have been a quick way of moving.  The Bridgewater Canal was was build in 1759 and was built to move coal from the mines of Walkden to Manchester city centre to fuel the steam engines in the cotton mills.  Worsley, the Canal and the area around it would have been one of the first major industrial sites of this part of Lancashire – it had lime kilns, coke ovens, boat building.
A mile or so down the canal in Patricroft is a pub called the ‘Packet House’ – not quite so substantial.

I’m very fortunate to live in about a mile along the canal from the Packet House and it’s one of our favourite walks up to the ‘Village’.  It’s very wealthy now with many quaint cottages, big Victorian mansions as well as substantial family homes. It’s got some nice pubs, restaurants, tea shops and a village green too.  The new Royal Horticultural Society Bridgewater Garden will be very near to the village on the site of Worsley New Hall. I am VERY excited about this (I’ll write more soon).

  • More about Worsley – it’s well worth a visit and there are lovely walks along the canal and in Worsley woods too.

48/100 – dahlias still flowering in late November

I’d picked the very last of the dahlias in the porch. They shouldn’t really be flowering but it’s been so mild.  I wrote about these flowers in a Vase on Monday – 30 November 2015.

49/100 – I won a hamper of Dewley’s cheese via twitter 🙂 

I was thrilled to bits to win a hamper of cheese from Dewley’s in Garstang – it was a great way to start December.  My Chap and I munched his way through the cheese and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It certainly set us up for Christmas 🙂 and plenty of my home made chutney was consumed too.


#100happydays challenge 

You can follow my photos for #100happydays challenge on twitter feed everyday (@becinmonton)


#100happydays challenge is very simple:

  • Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?  
  • Every day submit a picture of what made you happy!
  • It can be about anything or anyone.  
  • It’s a way of getting in touch with the moment you’re in
  • People can submit photos privately too.

Anyone around the world can get involved in #100happyday or just have a look for the hashtag or on facebook too.                                                                  

What has made you happy today?  
Today, I had another top notch Sunday Roast Dinner cooked by my Chap. We were out in the garden too.

Carpe Diem

love Bec xx

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