Cottonopolis WI, Christmas films and wreaths

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The beginning of December was really hectic for me – I was working on some new projects at work, with a whole new team in a different building, so there was a lot to get my head around.  They’re all lovely, very welcoming and I’m enjoying the projects, but I’m still absolutely shattered and my back pain is dire at the moment.   The #100happydays challenge has helped me look for positive things every day, even when I’m having a pain-filled and exhausting day.

I started to look forward to Christmas too – and one of the first things coming up in the month was our monthly meeting at Cottonopolis Women’s Institute on  2nd December 2015.

#100happydays Cottonopolis WI December meeting

#100happydays Cottonopolis WI 2 December 2015 meeting

50/100 – Cottonopolis Women’s Institute 2 December 2015

Our December meeting is all about Crafts and getting into the Christmas spirit.
We tried our hand at pomanders, mini woolly hats, lino printed Christmas cards while listening to Christmas tunes and drinking mulled wine (I made the mulled wine in the slow cooker – easy!).   There was a stall of members’ ‘wares’ and raffle prizes – like arm-knitting cowls, honey, crochet badges, Christmas tree decorations and an amazing candle Christmas wreath. Joanne was the overall winner of the monthly meetings and won a prize and a bottle of bubbly – I think she came 1st four or five times.    I had a lovely time and it was great to catch up with friends. We’ve been going a whole year now and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s planned for 2016.  I love being a member of the WI – I’ve met many great people and learn new skills too.


#100happydays 51/100 it's beginning to look alot like christmas, 52/100 door wreath 53/100 downton abbey 54/100 quote about elf

#100happydays 51/100 it’s beginning to look alot like christmas, 52/100 door wreath 53/100 downton abbey 54/100 quote about elf

51/100 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

I liked this quote and it had cute jingle bells too 🙂 I didn’t know this was a song until I looked it up – all sorts of people have recorded the song since it was written in 1951, like Perry Como, Bing Crosby and Michael  Bublé to name a few. It’s along time since I’ve watched Home Alone 2 but apparently it appears in that film too.

52/100 Christmas door wreath

This lovely wreath was made by one of the local florists – lots of lovely rustic stuff including Christmas tree decorations that can be used the following year. I’d love to make my own Christmas wreath for 2016- perhaps it will be a Women’s Institute course. I really enjoyed making a wicker angel and some other wreaths in October.

53/100 Downton Abbey

I bought this calendar for my Australian sister in law who loves Downton – and the last series on DVD for her Christmas present.   Don’t tell anyone – but I haven’t watched any Downton Abbey (and I’ve got History degree too); though plenty of people say it’s not as historically accurate as it could be.  I missed it when it started and have never quite got into it. It’s not the only box set I’ve not watched Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Call the Midwife have all passed me by.

Downton is filmed at Highclere Castle in West Berkshire, fairly near where I grew up (my Mum has been with her WI).  It’s owned by the 8th Earl of Carnavon and his wife the Countess.   The Castle and Gardens are open on occasional days in the Summer and the tickets are snapped up. There’s also special events for
The other thing Highclere is famous for, is that in 1922, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt, the world first global media event.   I must admit I’d like to have a look around their gardens which were designed by Capability Brown – he was a busy chap, he designed over 150 18th Century Stately Home gardens.

54/100 The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear

Don’t tell anyone – but I’ve never seen Elf.

We DID get into the Christmas spirit by watching ‘Holiday‘, ‘Love Actually‘ and ‘Die Hard‘…. I’m joking about Die Hard 😉 Some people say it’s Christmas film but I don’t think it is – it’s just set then.  And I’ve got no intentions of watching ANY ‘Home Alone‘ films ever again. I’m a bit rubbish about Christmas films generally – hardly ever watched the classics like Miracle on 34th Street. 

Mostly, I was very excited about watching ‘Force Awakens’ – it was worth the wait 🙂 and the Dr Who Christmas Day special 🙂

Do come back to check on my next update on #100happydays – It’s good to be reminded about good times with friends.


#100happydays challenge 

You can follow my photos for #100happydays challenge on twitter feed everyday (@becinmonton)


#100happydays challenge is very simple:

  • Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?  
  • Every day submit a picture of what made you happy!
  • It can be about anything or anyone.  
  • It’s a way of getting in touch with the moment you’re in
  • People can submit photos privately too.

Anyone around the world can get involved in #100happyday or just have a look for the hashtag or on facebook too.                                                                  

What has made you happy today?  
Today, I had a lovely lunch with pal C 🙂 

Carpe Diem

love Bec xx

14 thoughts on “Cottonopolis WI, Christmas films and wreaths

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    1. Bec Post author

      Christmas is AGES ago and it seems a bit weird writing about it – but I had a cold so didn’t keep up… thank you Kerrie the florist is very talented. I love having a door wreath – it’s a new thing for me 🙂 my Chap always had one – so it’s new tradition


    1. Bec Post author

      Thank you – it’s been really good to think about things that make me happy each day (that aren’t my Chap or my garden as they’re constants). I don’t know when I’d find the time to start Downton – but a friend is lending me the first series so maybe I’ll have a binge 🙂


    1. Bec Post author

      Thank you – which WI are you at? I just don’t know how I’d fit in watching downton – we don’t watch much TV – have music on a lot



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