In a Vase on Monday – violas, primula and pelagoniums in the snow

The weather has been very wild, wet and windy here in Salford for the last few weeks. It’s been very mild so it’s rained ALOT and confused all the flowers.   The River Irwell flooded on Boxing Day, in Kersley and Lower Broughton elsewhere in Salford (only a couple of miles from me) wrecking Christmas for hundreds; the clean up and repairs are still going on.   Hebden Bridge, home to qwirky, independent businesses was flooded yet again, Todmorden just down the river in Calderdale. Cumbria and York, even though more flood defenses have been built. Good friends of mine in Scotland were flooded out in mid December, when the River Forth burst its banks in Stirling – their house is a real mess.   Thousands of homes, businesses, schools, churches and other public buildings wreaked.    I really feel for everyone affected and I’ve been doing my bit to help.  Climate change is happening for sure.

Pelagoniums, primula and viola 1

Pelagoniums, primula and viola 17 January 2016

It’s been incredibly mild here since the autumn – between 9 and 15C most of the time. Only one even vaguely frosty morning.   Finally, we had some snow over Saturday night into Sunday morning – the first of the winter – only an inch or so. It lasted into the afternoon before it melted.  Many of my friends who live in the hills around Manchester had quite a bit of snow – lots of happy kids sledging and building snowmen.  As it’s been so mild many flowers in my garden have continued to flower way longer than they should have (and appeared in vases too) – dahlias into November, fuchsias into December and many of my bedding plants are still flowering a little.

This week, for my ‘In a Vase on Monday’, I went for a hunt around the garden – and I found some tiny flowers lurking.  It was very sunny so I took these flowers on Sunday morning.

The pink pelagoniums at each end of the display have been flowering in the porch since November.  As have the light pink, striped one in the middle is in a hanging basket in the porch too = both have appeared ‘In a Vase on Monday’ before on Hogmanay.

The dark purple viola has flowers that look like velvet.  It’s growning happily in a pot by the backdoor.  I was pleasesd to find the little purple and yellow primula is in the front garden.



pelagoniums, violas and primulas in the Winter sunshine – 17 January 2016

My honeysuckle is flowering, but with no scent as far as I can tell, it started flowering again in November.  I forgot to take a photo of it and I think the snow might be too much for the flowers.   My neighbour’s camellia has about 15 blooms on it. It looks lovely but shouldn’t be flowering until about March.  My camellias have alot of buds too.

viola, pelagonium and primula

viola, pelagonium and primula – 17 January 2016

Cathy who hosts ‘In a Vase on Monday’ asked other bloggers about the weather where we live.  She’s had snow in the Midlands too – and this week she has paperwhite nacissi which she’s grown in her greenhouse.

They look wonderful, and remind me that Spring is around the corner which is definitely lifting my mood.


yoda in the snow and plaque Life's better in the Garden - copyright R Jones 2016

yoda in the snow – Life IS better in the Garden 17 January 2016

Life is most definitely better in the garden – I’m a soft southerner so I need to wrap up warm for time in the garden – but it does brighten my day – the snow’s arrival was definitely #100happyday moment – we went for a walk around Monton on Sunday afternoon, as the snow was rapidly melting.  I wonder if we’ll see some more this ‘Winter’?

What has made you happy today?

Carpe diem

love Bec xxx

See my #100happydays photos here 

17 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – violas, primula and pelagoniums in the snow

    1. Bec Post author

      It’s been grim donna – and a lot of the neighbourhood in lower broughton are v low income. 3ft of snow ! Manchester would grind to a hault if that happened here. Mind you it depends what you’re used to. Have a lovely day – love bec xx


  1. lyart

    It was unusul warm over here in Berlin, too. Until now, as the big freeze from Russia got us now. With temperatures well under -10 overnight, the frost stays during daytime and with it the little snow we have. This makes me happy. I like winters, I am from the Alps, originally. Winters without snow seem unnatural to me.


    1. Bec Post author

      That sounds cold but it’s all about the right clothes isn’t it? I’ve never been to Berlin and I’d like to go. I’d also like to visit the alps in the summer too)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wild Daffodil

    Such sunny blooms! I have honeysuckle in my vase this week – bonkers!
    I’m happy today as I’m off to swim in a warm pool with a friend I haven’t seen for a while – and then the steam room and then a cappucino – 😀


  3. Christina

    I love little bottles of flowers together. You can enjoy each and every bloom to the full that way. Glad you escaped the flooding, it is really worrying what we are doing to our planet.


  4. Cathy

    Just lost the signal and my comment! I am writing this on the train on the way to see Elder Daughter an the Poppet so that makes me happy. Your basket of blooms could be mistaken for a summer photo – very lovely. I heard Rochdale,where my teenage years were spent, was flooded too. So much unhappiness and upheaval for those affected by floods…


    1. Bec Post author

      Have a lovely time 🙂 my auntie used to call me poppet 🙂 yes it’s they look like high summer doesn’t it? The weather has been really really odd and I’m not sure the flowers will flower again when they should. Yes flooding at little borough


    1. Bec Post author

      Thank you – My Chap bought me yoda from a garden centre in Blackburn, in Lancashire – about 25 miles from me. He’s about 60cms high and weighs ALOT x



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