Red keep calm and carry on sign pink vase flowers

In a vase on Monday – keep calm and carry on

The future depends on what you do today.
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) 

It’s been an incredibly busy Summer for us.  The organisation I work for has been through a complex restructure;  I’ve moved team, building and started in a brand new role – so there’s been alot of reading, meeting new people and setting up projects and activities.  I’m enjoying the new role and all the new challenges – rather tiring though and my arthritis and back pain have been giving me gip.   I feel like I’m trudging through treacle at the moment but I know all the knowledge and processes I’m setting up will help me later on.

I’ve been so busy, I’ve not contributed to the ‘In a Vase on Monday’ theme since June which I’ve missed very much. I’ve picked flowers fairly often, and even photographed them a few times but have always run out of time writing the ‘actual’ blog post.  I’ve been looking at everyone’s vases though – the vases and the people and their stories bring me much solace.

I’m hoping I’ll have a bit more time to blog as we head towards Christmas.  There’s less options for flowers/plants for vases but I’ll do my best.

Red keep calm and carry on sign pink vase flowers

Keep calm and carry on – it’s been hectic – In a vase on Monday – 21 September 2016

1. In a Vase on Monday

For this week’s vase, I picked some purple, lilac and pink ‘Spencer’ sweetpeas – they’ve from two different locations one at the front door (you can see them in the background) and the other near our decking at the bottom of the back garden.  The flowers have smelt wonderful. I didn’t fare quite so well with the dwarf sweetpeas – no flowers at all so I don’t think I’ll bother growing them again, I’ve tried growing them for three years but no success.  There’s so little space in our garden everything has to pull its weight.

There’s also some mini red dianthus, some white and red margarite flowers.  Also some pink Pelargonium from a huge plant which I’ve managed to overwinter three times.  There’s some purple wallflowers which survived our mild Mancunian winter – they’ve been flowering all summer too.  And of course, some lavender.  Lavender is one of my favourite plants, I adore the smell. I’ve got about 15 plants in the sunny front garden and a few in the sunniest part of the back garden.   Most of these plants have been flowering most of the summer and have bought us alot of pleasure. We eat out in the garden as much as we can – mind you the weather in Manchester this year has been very changeable (and wet alot of the time).

Do have a look at Cathy’s vase this week over at Rambling in the Garden and everyone posts links to their vases under the post.  Cathy has some really zingy red dahlias this week – they look stunning.  My dahlias are looking a bit sorry as they’ve been munched by the slugs.

keep calm collage

2. Running and fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease Association

runmnd 1

My Chap has also been out running as usual – he’s loves running off road, anything from the footpaths by the canal, woods and golf courses near where we live to running up mountains.  This year he’s been training for ‘Man v Mountain‘ which was on Saturday 3rd September 2016.   It’s a 22 mile race starting at Caernarfon Castle over the summit of Snowdon and down the other side into Dinorwic Quarry, finishing in Llanberis.
– 5055ft of ascent
– there’s wild swimming, absailing and mud!
– average finish time is 5.5hrs.
My Chap and his pal finished in 6hours – the weather was truly vile – sideways rain and high winds which curtailed running to the top of Snowdon (60 mile hour winds was just too dangerous).  They we soaking when they finished but were grinning from ear to ear – so I think they’ll be doing more ultra runs.   It was a wet and foggy wait for me but I don’t mind the rain, as long as I’ve got the right coat.

My Chap raises money for the MND Association who do so much to help his brother Derek (diagnosed with MND in 2012 aged 46); its a dreadful illness with no cure.  My role in all this is to support My Chap at the events and write all his fundraising pages/emails – as well as asking people to sponsor him. We do as much as we can to help Derek and his family but they live far away.

3. Wedding planning

We’ve also been looking at wedding venues around the North West, some are hideously expensive but we’ve seen some lovely places we could afford. We’ve got a clear idea of the type of place we want to our wedding next September 2017 – In the country, with lovely gardens and a light and airy feel – and if we can have an afternoon tea that would be even better.   We’ve got an EVEN better idea of what we don’t want.

We’ve also been giving flower choices some thought – and I’d like to try to grow some plants either for bouquets, buttonholes or table decorations.

Given my love of purple and lilac – I was very reassured to see Cathy’s choice of flowers last week – Late summer blues – so I may be able to grow some of these next year.b

– I think this could be a lovely bouquet – lavender will definitely be making an appearance.

Have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine.

I’m going to keep calm and carry on – but I really need a holiday

Carpe Diem

Love Bec xx



19 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – keep calm and carry on

  1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie)

    Wow, it sounds your other half is a really tough bloke! I always find big changes like what is happening at your work to be really emotionally tiring, especially when learning new Inge and meaning new people. Glad to see some of your flowers have hung on over this mild Autumn us Mancs are having :0)


    1. Bec Post author

      Thanks Chrissie – he’s tough as old boots.Used to be in the army when he was younger. I am nackered but getting there – just alot to learn. yes it’s been mild hasn’t it? I’ve got quite a few different plants still flowering so I should be able to do another vase or two 🙂 have a good week love bec x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Christina

    Very pretty vase Bec, it would be a lovely idea to grow the flowers for your wedding next September. May I recommend Zinnias, they come in a huge range of colours and on the UK would be at their best in September.


  3. Vicky

    A pretty vase always makes the environment look a lot better. All the nest on the charity run (also do you mind if I share the link around?), and the wedding!!! Vicky xxx


    1. Bec Post author

      thank you – yes really excited about our wedding – just need to find the right venue. Yes of course you can share my chap’s justgiving link – we’ve been fundraising for motor neurone disease for four years now. No finish line til a cure. Have a lovely week. love bec xx


  4. Lisa@IntoTheGlade

    Oh you sound so busy, I hope you are managing to fit in some ‘me time’ . That is a beautiful vase of flowers and your wedding plans sound fab! I can’t wait to see your wedding flowers, lavender is one of my favs too, I seem to only have lilac and blue flowers in my garden – I must like them too ha! Have a great week xx


    1. Bec Post author

      Thank you Lisa – I’ve got alot of lilacs, pinks and purples in my garden – but there’s come other colours too – especially in the sunny front garden. There’s alot to do in the new role as it’s mostly new people I’m working with but I’ll get there – we are going on holiday soon. I really need it I’m nackered. Need to book a wedding venue soon too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Cathy

    Such a lot going on – in and out of your garden! Great achievement for your Bloke, for a worthwhile charity that ought to get more exposure. Exciting to be planning your wedding – hope you are able to book just the right place and then can strat planning the nitty gritty. Zinnias would indeed be good – and have tough stems so should stand up well to being out of water for a while. Sow lots though, and at different times to maximise the number of blooms you couild have to choose from. Lovely to see sweet peas in your vase now that mine are over and that marguerite is such a pretty colour too. Good to have you back and hear that you are coping with all these changes in your life


    1. Bec Post author

      Thank you Cathy – He’s a trooper – we’ve been raising money for MND for 4 years now. I hope I see a cure or way to delay this vile disease in my life time. Yes there’s an awful lot going on (v tired and it hasn’t done my back pain/arthritis much good either). You’re right need a date and venue. Thank you so much for your advice about zinnias – I’m going to give it a go. There’s one sorry looking sweetpea flower left on the plants by the front door – but they’ve done v well this summer (apart from the dwarf ones). have a good week and take care love bec xx


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