Happiness – one week and five things that helped #2

It’s been glorious weather for most of the week here in Manchester, I’ve managed to get out in the garden every day, even if it was just to water things.  It’s been bone dry and both our waterbutts are empty.  I could, of course, show you a picture of plants in my garden, as that always makes me happy.  Likewise, My Chap lights up my life :-). But, this would be a bit of a cop out for a weekly gratitude post, so I think I’ll feature them on special occasions only.

I was inspired to write a weekly gratitude post by:

  • Suzy – www.fromthefringe.co.uk – she had a new nephew arrive this week how exciting 🙂 – her latest post on five things happiness is here

1. Choosing music for our wedding  

Four CDs and a note book with a green and gold dotty cover

12 May 2017 – choosing music for our digital playlist – plenty of indie classics 

We aren’t having a DJ at our wedding, instead we are going to have a digital playlist. We spent a happy Saturday night in listening to tunes old and new – and thank goodness for digital download sites.  We’re going to have lots of different playlists for different parts of the day. They’ll definitely going to reflect our somewhat ‘eclectic’ music tastes.  Lots of indie classics too.

2. Lost a stone 

Blue one stone slimming world award and book

12 May 2017 – slimming world one stone award and book

Given everything that’s been happening since Christmas, I’m really pleased to have managed to lose some weight, without going nuts on a silly diet.  I’m fortunate to go to supportive groups and have a great consultant who’s a really good cook. Ive got no number in my mind, just to fit into smaller jeans, help my arthritis pain and not look frumpy in my wedding dress. Onwards and downwards 🙂

3. Rock and Roll Bride magazine arrived 

Rock and roll bride magazines - blue haired and pink haired ladies

12 May 2017 – Rock and Roll Bride magazines

As I mentioned before ours is a very unconventional wedding, I was a bit lost looking for inspiration in the wedding magazines – all stick thin, 20-somethings with huge flouncy, sparkly, strapless, ivory flocks – and everything very expensive. None of it was what My Chap and I wanted for our day.  We had very clear ideas about what we wanted, and what we didn’t, but didn’t know how to find suppliers apart from trawling the Internet…

Then I spied a magazine front with a lady in a gold dress and her husband in tweed – both with plenty of tattoos – so I found Rock and Roll Bride www.rocknrollbride.com/ – a blog, and the ‘most’ supportive Facebook group – lovely, helpful and kind people.  Diversity at its best 🙂

So I would say Have the wedding you and your partner want 🙂 Although, it’s a lot easier when you’re paying for everything yourselves 🙂

4. A barbecue at a friend’s house 

Fire pit made from a washing machine

17 May 2017 – fire pit made from a washing machine drum

My Chap and I went to a lovely barbecue/house warming at friends we know from mountain biking and running. My Chap ran man v mountain with the chap last year and has mountain biked with them all over the Lake District, Pennines and Peak District. Ive eaten alot of cake and gone on plenty of walks in beautiful locations.  We caught up with lots of friends which was lovely.  The host M is a very handy, he made the firepit from an old washing machine drum.

5. New shoes – my first ever Irregular Choice 

Irregular Choice shoe box

17 May 2017 – my first ever pair of Irregular Choice shoes – for my wedding

I’ve bought my first ever pair of Irregular Choice shoes – no sneaky peeks as they’re for my wedding outfit. They are absolutely beautiful and so comfortable.  I don’t really do heels either so these are perfect. My Chap loves them and encouraged me to buy another pair for ‘going out’ 🙂 This could be an expensive passtime.

How has your week been? And what have you been grateful for?

Carpe Diem

Love Bec xxx

This post covers week Friday 5th May to Thursday 11th May – next week I’m hoping to be more prompt with posting – Thank you, as ever, to Suzy for hosting the link up – www.fromthefringe.co.uk 

12 thoughts on “Happiness – one week and five things that helped #2

  1. Penny

    Ahhh you’ve got Irregular Choice shoes for your wedding!! I don’t own any pairs but I love the brand – I just don’t think I’m cool enough to be able to wear them myself! 🙂 That fire pit looks awesome too; there’s nothing better than sitting outside as night falls, getting a little chilly and getting a fire going ❤ xx


  2. bibliojenni

    Sounds like you had a great week! I love your friend’s washing drum fire pit. The wedding planning sounds like so much fun. Unconventional weddings are the best. 🙂


    1. Bec Post author

      The fire pit was excellent – pumped out heat (much better than their chimnea) Yes we are having alot of fun planning – and so many things/traditions we are putting into the ‘not for us’ pile 🙂


  3. Lisa@IntoTheGlade

    Sounds like you have had lots of great moments this week. Congratulations on the weight loss. The wedding sounds perfect, I can’t wait to see the pictures. Take care lovely xx


  4. Suzy Marie

    Congratulations on losing a stone, that’s an incredible achievement! And so glad you’re just doing it slowly and getting lots of support along the way. So exciting about the prospect of Irregular Choice shoes for your wedding, they are so so pretty! Also, I’d happily look at garden photographs! Ours is coming on a treat thanks to all the sunshine, it makes me so joyous! xx


    1. Bec Post author

      Yes I’m taking it slowly with the weight loss – my arthritis is really bad at the moment so exercise is hard going. I’m so so chuffed with my shoes. Ive fallen into a huge rabbit hole looking at all the beautiful ic shoes – thank goodness towering heels aren’t for me so I can admire from afar 🙂 I can’t tell you how much my garden and gardening are my solace 🙂 I’m so glad to hear your garden cheers you too 🙂


  5. sueturner31

    Hi, Our daughter married her man in 2006. After knowing him all her school life. They came to me december 2005 and asked if they could have a small wedding reception in our garden the following summer …oh and could you make my wedding dress. Yes yes yes was the reply, how many guests are coming ? Oh not many a couple of dozen. Well we had the most amazing day with over 150 folk coming all day long …and the song that makes me cry every time I hear it is.. ‘Today I met the boy I’m gonna marry by Darleen Love ‘ Enjoy your day.


    1. Bec Post author

      Blinking heck 150! Fortunately, we’ve only got a tiny garden so no chance of a wedding at our house. Thank you sue – I went away to listen to that song and added it to our motown list – thank you – it’s Beautiful 🙂


  6. Freya Farrington

    My favourite summer pastime is definitely BBQ nights with friends, yummy food, chilled drinks and watching the fire is mesmerising! I love it, bring on the Summer!



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