In a Vase in Monday – winter childhood memories (and fuchsia too)

“Hope”  Leia Organa in Rouge One (2016)

I’ve been thinking about Winter alot this week, it was the metrological start of Winter on last Friday, 1st December.   It’s been cold, but sunny in Manchester, we’ve had a couple of nights of frost so that’s finished off the final flowers – apart from the perennial wallflowers and some violas. Christmas is on everyone’s mind – trees and decorations going up, toy adverts everywhere.   I’m feeling fairly ambivalent about Christmas this year – despite looking forward to spending time with My Chap.  We had a wonderful wedding day, and we’re incredibly happy together. But this has been a truly dreadful year – we each lost a brother this year. Both incredibly loved and missed – I can’t express in words how devastated I am about my wonderful brother Matt – I think about him every day and I always will.

However, I know that we have to carry on with life. Christmas coming has got me thinking of childhood memories too. I did something I haven’t done for decades and bought an Advent Calendar.

4 December 2017 – climbing fuchsia ‘lady in black’ and Winter moons illustration with

But first, in this week’s In A Vase on Monday, I’ve picked Lady in Black which is a bit of an unusual fuchsia – it’s a hardy, climbing fuchsia. My mum, who loves fuchsias, bought it for me a couple of years ago.  it’s still getting established and is only about two foot high and not really filled out yet. It lives at the end of our garden on our decking, so it’s the very last fuchsia still flowering.  There were more flowers when I picked them but they fell off as I walked up the garden – typical.  I’m only a day late for this link up which makes a change 🙂

The fuchsia is displayed in a bud vase which has appeared in IAVOM regularly, as have fuchsias – including for the last two weeks

The print came from a magazine – it’s a picture of a Wolf along with the three moons associated with winter – Cold moon (December), Wolf moon (January) and Snow Moon (February). Most of these names originate from Native American or Celtic descriptions. There are three other prints, so I’m sure they’ll be appearing on the blog another time too.
The Spring Print has now appeared with a beautiful drawing of a butterfly, with (Worm Moon, Pink Moon and Flower Moon.  It had snowed here!

4 December 2017 – Our bistro table on the decking Summer 2015 (with yoda too)

I’ve not got a picture of the decking in winter, but here’s a photo from a few years ago – it’s my sanctuary.  We spend alot of time, relaxing and thinking especially as it gets the last of the evening sun.  #dreamingofsummer.   You’ll also notice yoda peeking out from the fuchsias. He makes me smile every time I see him. He’s appeared on the blog many times too. check out #yoda

Advent Calendar 

It’s no ordinary Advent calendar it’s a Lego Star Wars one. I’ve thought about buying one for a couple of years but this year thought I’d buy it and think of all the happy times with Matt. We had a very large lego collection and spent hours playing with it.

Star Wars came out when I was 11 and my brother a year younger. We went to see it with our amazing Uncle Fred, who loved the theatre and films. We saw it in Leicester Square in the West End of London and I remember the crawler opening very clearly

‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…’ Star Wars – A New Hope (1976)

and ducking as the Imperial battle cruise passed over. We loved it, and watched the film three or four times that summer. And countless times since then.  We had lightsabers toys at Christmas – wish we’d kept them but I think they were in a right state. We were hooked on Star Wars and watched the subsequent films many, many times. I’ve written about Star Wars on the  blog too – it’s definitely a shared experience for people my age watching all three films at the cinema, waiting for the next instalment, and like many I wasn’t particularly impressed with all aspects of the prequals.

4 December 2017 – The Ghost, The Phantom and Sabine Lego Advent Calendar 2017

My Chap wasn’t much of a fan, as he’d only seen Phantom Menace (1999) and all he could remember was the jar jar binks character (not impressed). But he’s taken me to see Force Awakens (2015) and Rouge One (2016) and enjoyed them very much, so I think he’s slowly getting hooked. Only a minor eye roll when I bought home the calendar.  But, I’m looking forward to opening the doors, building the toys and thinking of my brother.  My favourite characters are Leia and yoda – there’s a lot of wise thinking in Star Wars including advice for managers 😉.

I really must read The Princess Diaries by Carrie Fisher 🙂 although I’m so nackered I think I might need to get an audio book instead.  I read Postcards from the Edge many years ago and loved it. She’s a great loss to the world  and also taken far too young.

I’m so excited about The Last Jedi – fortunately I know quite a few geeky Star Wars fans so will have people to talk to about it with, but it won’t be the same not taking to my brother about it.

My Chap and I are both hoping that things will improve in 2018 – I’m doing my best with exercise, eating well, mindfulness, yoga but most of all being kind to myself and self-care too.  But time heals and helps – and hope helps too.

#365daysofselfcare this week involved:

  • Managing #anhouroutside everyday – I went for walks around the neighbourhood and at work, and gardening. One day it rained so persistently I was potting up in the porch.
  • Finding some new mindfulness articles and guided meditations about managing pain 🙂
  • Ordering the Christmas food so I don’t need to stress, running round to get it at the last minute. My Chap works ridiculously long hours in the run up to Christmas so can’t do much to help.
  • Getting out the Star Wars dvds 🙂
  • Booking a Christmas wreath making course. Cathy who hosts in a Vase on Monday over at Rambling in the Garden has her door wreath as her ‘Vase’. Do have a look 🙂

Are you a star wars fan or are you looking forward to another film over the Christmas Holidays? 

There’s a fuchsia called star wars but it’s stopped flowering in my garden now… But it will be back – it’s always here like The Force

Carpe Diem

Love Bec xx xx xx

P.S. I bought My Chap a Thornton’s chocolate Advent Calendar so he wasn’t left out 😉 I bought both items full price and wasn’t asked to write about them.

11 thoughts on “In a Vase in Monday – winter childhood memories (and fuchsia too)

  1. Cathy

    Thank you for sharing your fuschia as well as your thoughts and reminiscences, Bec. Talking about our lives and losses can be very cathartic and it is good to have you back with us on IAVOM. Star Wars seemed to come between my generation and that of my Girls so it wasn’t something we especially warmed to, but one of the Golfer’s sons is still a huge fan. I don’t watch much television but a good film on Christmas evening would go down well – need to check the schedules and see what’s on or make other arrangements. We have It’s a Wonderful Life on DVD but no player but perhaps it will play on the television from my laptop?


    1. Bec Post author

      Thank you 🙂 it’s good to be back with IAVOM. A love of Star Wars is definitely an age thing and how close a cinema was My Chap is four years older than me and spent his childhood outside (running around, bird watching, nature and on the allotment with his dad) so that’s why he’s not that bothered. We watch alot of dvds and not much TV apart from cooking, nature, history and gardening progs ;-)… Yes you should be able to hook up laptop to TV (theres a special cable). Have a lovely week love bec xx xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Bec Post author

      thanks emma 🙂 I’ve got alot of fuchsia’s in my garden but my mum has a lot more. Btw you could have a dwarf hardy fuchsia on your balcony – they survive cold and windy weather. I hope it’s a lovely scented candle 🙂 – I’m taking photos everyday of the lego and having fun working out what everything is 🙂 needed a treat this year xx


  2. Christina

    Thank you sharing your childhood memories, I hope you and your chap are able to help each other with the sad loss of your brothers. I’m not a Star Wars fan but I think the Advent calendar is a great way to think about your brother.


  3. oldfashionedsus

    I love Star Wars too and I want that stone Yoda for my garden! What a lovely way to remember your brother with the Lego. Big hugs x


    1. Bec Post author

      thanks Susie 🙂 it’s going to be a weird Christmas but a OK I hope – My Chap bought me the stone yoda a few years ago from a garden centre in Blackburn (now closed) but I’ll let you know if I spot one on my travels. 🙂 xx love Bec xx xx


  4. Alison C

    Happy memories, I went to see the ‘first’ film twice and then both the next two at the cinema but I’ve never got into the prequels properly. My sons took up the baton and have passionate discussions about the new films and would definitely like the advent calendar. If I saw a Yoda, I’d have that for my garden, how great to have him dispensing wisdom to you. I’ll have to tell my oldest son about the wolf and 3 moons. He’s an illustrator and loves wolves and moons so he probably knows anyway.
    Oh, and the fuchsia is fat and beautiful, just as they should be.


    1. Bec Post author

      Thanks Alison 🙂 I really enjoyed Last jedi when I when I saw it last week – I hope your sons enjoyed the new film too. My husband bought the stone yoda from a garden centre in Lancashire but I don’t think it’s there any more. Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas. love Bec xx


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