April #BlurtSelfCareathon from Blurt Foundation – Join in?

Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.
– Deborah Day, Author Be Happy Now

I’m really looking forward to joining with The Blurt Foundation #blurtselfcareathon in April. I really enjoyed doing #blurtmerrycalmness it’s helped my #mindfulness practice, helped my #wellbeing and finding words and photos to represent each word.

It will mostly run on Instagram, but I thought I’d do some over view posts here too.


I’ve got lots of ideas of what pictures to take and what I want to write about to fit with the daily theme. I find that having a concept to think about each day, makes me think more mindfully. I do know that taking photos, being outside and being in the moment helps me enormously with my anxiety and living with chronic pain from arthritis


I’ve done a couple of these photo prompts before:

  • December 2017 – #blurtmerrycalmness
  • January 2018 – #savouringJanuary@gabrielletreanor – Gabrielle writes about wellbeing, slowing down and self care, being in the moment, mindfulness advice for overthinkers (like me). I really enjoyed this photo prompt too but I’ll write about this another time.

Want to get involved with #blurtselfcareathon?

I’ve been discussing the #blurtselfcareathon on a peer support group on Facebook and some people were a bit stuck about what photos to take and what to write about.
So I thought I’d write a post showing some of my photos for the December prompts. I hope you find it helpful.

My advice

  1. You don’t need to post every day – there’s no pressure with this.
  2. If you want to keep things more private there are closed facebook pages – or just email yourself
  3. It’s your selfcare – do it your way πŸ™‚
  4. It’s can be a good idea to look back to see what you wrote – and see how far you’ve come.
  5. in some ways these photos prompts are a bit like a diary/journal
  6. For me taking photos are part of my self care but they don’t need to look ‘instagramable’ or ‘touched up’. It really doesn’t matter what photo you use to represent your ideas.
  7. have fun with it πŸ™‚
  8. go at your pace – catch up or skip days if you want to.
  9. Have a look around the hashtag

Here’s the prompts for December 2017 – #blurtmerrycalmness


Here’s some photos and what I wrote about the prompt word – I hope you find this interesting πŸ™‚


Day 5: SLEEP I listen to relaxing music (Elbow – golden slumber) before I go to sleep; I write my ‘to do list’ and ‘achievement’ list, and moisturise too so I don’t turn into a wrinkly old crone… And hopefully drift off to sleep – well that’s the plan πŸ˜‰

Day 6: LESSONS – I learn much from my friends – some times it’s physical skills sometimes advice. I have many good friends at Cottonopolis WI This photo is the Christmas card I made at our craftmas (December meeting). Making Christmas cards is really great selfcare. I’m doing a papercutting picture for our next meeting in April 2018 πŸ™‚

I’ve written about the Women’s Institute many times – you can find the posts using womens-institute

  • If you’re local we’re in Ancoats, in Manchester and we meet on the first Tuesday of the month – www.cottonopoliswi.com
  • If you’re not so local – you can find a group on www.thewi.org.uk

Day 10: ADAPT I’ve done alot of adapting and changing in my life – and I’m not done yet. It’s OK to change your mind – it’s OK to say no – it’s OK to say yes.
This mug makes me smile – and reminds me. The cracks matter too. I’ve had this mug on my desk with pens in it for over 20 years – Biomednet was an early Internet science research magazine – long gone. I’m still here πŸ™‚

DAY 13: BREATHE I am happiest when I’m by the sea. We live 30miles from the sea but we don’t get to the sea as often as we would like to. This is the tide table from Arnside in Cumbria.


DAY 16: ENCOURAGE my husband supports and encourages me in everything I do – he holds my hand metaphorically and physically. He’d agree with with quote:

‘In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity’ – Albert Einstein

I’m the same, encouraging and supporting him – in every thing he does. Cheering from the sidelines when he’s runningMy friends encourage and support me too. I try always to #bekind. I’ve written a few times about kindness.

DAY 18: BLANKET I’ve always got blankets on my sofa, on the bed, even in the car as I’m always chilly, much to my husband’s amusement. This aqua blanket and tree tealight holder were a wedding present from long time friends. There’s also blanket stitch on the heart I made. My sewing projects are always small so that I can finish them, so there are less half finished projects lying around the place making me feel guilty.

DAY 21: PLAY Sometimes in life you’re outnumbered, but the force is with you (and #Yoda has your back). I bought the Lego Advent Calendar. My brother and I loved #StarWars and we played alot of lego in the 1970s. Remembering him today, and every day.

DAY 23: JOY holding hands πŸ™‚ My husband holds my hand when I’m anxious, even if he’s miles away. It’s the little things…that are the big things πŸ™‚ This photo is from the day we got engaged at Bodnant Garden in North Wales, in the rose garden. More about Bodnant and our wonderful, blissful engagment day.


DAY 24: SOOTHE Music soothes me; songs can evoke a time in my life, but photos of music is tricky, so this beautiful lamp sits by our Bluetooth speaker :- A wonderful wedding present

DAY 28: FUN I’m happiest when I’m outside walking. This is the start of a local walk (aka Worsley Loop Lines). #worsleywoodsparkrun starts here too. At least one hour outside helps my mental health enormously. It’s part of the regular walk we take to Worsley.

DAY 29: NATURE glorious walk on West Wittering Beach. Very windy, but peaceful and just as I remembered it. My brother and I went there often as kids. At least #onehouroutside helps my wellbeing, especially if the sun is shining, and we’re by the sea. I miss, and think about, my brother every day.

DAY 31: MOMENT. 2017 was the worst of times (my awesome brother died) and the best of times (I married the love of my life) for both reasons I’ll never be the same again. Things change in a moment so CarpeDiem. In 2018 I’m hoping for the best of times – along with health and happiness.


Thank you to The Blurt Foundation for all they do to help people like me – I’d have been a mess if I hadn’t found them. I’ve written about them a few times on the blog.

And the Sparklers at Spark Peer Support www.sparksupport.co.uk – I’ve been involved for the last few years.

My journey continues with more adventures in 2018 πŸ™‚ here’s to health and happiness in 2018. Three months into the year, it’s going well. I’m feeling much better, more energy and many plans for the future with My Chap, my family and friends.

Happy Easter everyone and don’t fall for any April fool jokes today. Selfcare is definitely not a joke.


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Follow the Instagram hashtag – #blurtselfcareathon

Follow Blurt Foundation on Twitter @BlurtAlerts

More resources and help for depression and anxiety at www.blurtitout.org

The Blurt Foundation’s CEO Jayne Hardy knows so much about self care, she wrote a book about it :-). It’s available from bookshops Self Care Project

Follow Jayne on Instagram @jaynehardy_ and twitter @JayneHardy_


Come back later on today to see what I posted for 1st April ’10 things about me’
Are you joining in? Let me know in the comments

Carpe Diem

love Bec xxx xxx xxx

4 thoughts on “April #BlurtSelfCareathon from Blurt Foundation – Join in?

  1. addaeg

    Wow. Thanks for this. I needed a way to engage my Instagram again and this is perfect. I need tp focus on selfcare right now.


    1. Bec Post author

      ah thank you – Blurt Foundation are great πŸ™‚ There’s a few different wellbeing prompts on Instagram – I really like them πŸ™‚ xx


  2. Laura

    Aw this is so lovely to read! Even just to write it down on paper for yourself must be so good for the soul. Its so important to focus on self care, I think I’m going to have a go too πŸ™‚ Im so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. Each day you will get stronger and stronger. Heres to lots of happiness in 2018.

    Laura xx




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