In a Vase on Monday – Bee Cheerful & Enjoy Today

‘Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you miss the sense of where you are going and why’ Eddie Cantor, US Actor and Radio Broadcaster.

The very hot weather continues here in NW England, the ground is parched, we’ve had huge wildfires on the moors near Bolton and Oldham, we’ve got the threat of a hosepipe ban from early August (not that I’ve got a hosepipe) and everyone seems to be moaning about the heat.  I’m not complaining about the heat – I’m cheerful as it means my arthritis pain is minimal, which makes a massive difference to my wellbeing and energy levels.  So I’ve been doing more walking in the woods near us and getting out and about.

So I’ve been watering my plants with the watering can every evening; I find it a very relaxing, mindful activity.  I’ve had a very relaxing time in July as I’ve got time off work – time for Wimbledon and enjoying the sunshine (with factor 50, shades and a hat).

I decided to go with a bright arrangement today.  For my Vase, I’ve picked:

  • Coreopsis – ‘Sunkiss’ and ‘Early Sunrise’.   The common name is Tickseed, but luckily I’ve not had any tick bites on my walks, though horse flies are rampant at the moment and most people I know have a nasty bite or two.
  • two patio/mini roses one red and one shocking pink – both gifts so I’ve no idea of their names.
  • Hypericum from my front garden – it’s appeared a couple of times in the blog
  • Pale yellow marguerite daisy – I’ve got three of these growing well after being in the ‘sick plant’ section at a well known DIY store.
  • An orange French Marigold, sadly the rest have been decimated by the slugs 😦 They’re the only plants that have been eaten, so that’s not so bad.

The print ‘Enjoy Today’ was designed by Becky Bettesworth.   I bought it when I visited Cornwall for the first time in over 30 years in 2015.  I sailed often when I was younger and it reminds me to be ‘in the moment’ and accept the direction of the wind (and/or life).

The jug and mug are made by
They have cute, stylised birds flying on the inner rim.   I bought these in Cornwall too.


Red and Pink roses, Coreopsis, Marguerite, Hypericum berries

It was so hot, I photographed the vase in the early evening shade, so I am pleased the flower colours came out so well.

Do have a look at Rambling in the Garden where Cathy hosts the meme – she has a lovely purple and dark pink posy and a nice bottle of red.  There are some beautiful arrangements from garden bloggers around the world.  They give me so much inspiration for my garden.


Out and about in Greater Manchester this week…

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show – the 20th anniversary. 

We’ve been going to Tatton Park show on and off for about 12 years – though we last went two years ago. I’ll write more in another post but it was a great day out, we came back with flowers and lots of ideas as usual.

Here’s my favourite garden:

It won’t surprise regular readers to see that it features, purple flowers and is very calming and restful. It also had a bar full of Manchester gin.
Fun fact: you can see My Chap and me in this photo – in the mirrors.

20180722_130106 (1)

A garden for Manchester Gin

Here’s My Chap’s favourite:


A garden for Manchester – lots of bees

Bee in the City – public art around Greater Manchester – 23 July to 23 September 2018

The worker bee is the symbol of Manchester, due to the industriousness of its people.  If anyone is local to Manchester, they won’t have missed the news and social media buzz around the latest public art.  There are 100 large bees and 130 smaller ones dotted around the area.   Bees appear everywhere, on buildings, on street art, and even on bins,  but there are many more than usual this summer. You can find out how to get involved on the website or by following @beeinthecitymcr  and #BeeInTheCity  There’s:

Here’s the first bee (a little bee) I found on the ground floor of the Central Library – ( created by Gorton Sure Start, who are in East Manchester.  Most of the little bees have been decorated by primary schools or groups working with young people, like Sure Start.   The smaller bees are in clusters in creative places like museums and libraries.

By the way, the central library is well worth visiting any time as it has a wealth of local history information, a stunning 1930s circular reading room and a fine cafe too.  This isn’t the first public art trail we’ve had in Manchester we had Cow Parade in 2004 – but it was much tricker to find the life size cows as this was before social media.



Hope not hate – wise words!

The bees will be auctioned in the autumn to raise money for the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s charity – We Love Manchester –

You can also donate online

I’ll write more about what bees I find, and where they’re located. I’ve seen about 10 so far, there’s a couple down Oxford Road and many around the City Centre.

Right, I’m off to download my app….

Enjoy the weekend – and the sunshine.

If you’re local, how many bees have you seen and what’s your favourite? If you’re further away, have you followed a public art trail like this?  

Carpe Diem

Love Bec xx xx xx


21 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Bee Cheerful & Enjoy Today

  1. aimeehodge

    These flowers look beautiful 😍
    Love abit of floristry and these colours are perfect for the summer months to really brighten up the place! I just treated myself to some sunflowers 🌻
    Thank you for sharing ☺️


  2. Cathy

    Such a vibrant vase – those reds are so zingy. And I like the concept of the bees – i have seen penguins somewhere (Liverpool?) and some other creatures too, all to be auctioned off later


    1. Bec - views from my garden bench Post author

      thanks Cathy 🙂 There will be more Bee photos for sure 🙂 I’ve found about 15 so far. I completely missed the penguins in Liverpool (in 2010). Liverpool’s public art trails have been much more eccentric – In 2006 it was lambanana’s (half lamb/half banana) based on Superlambana (which appeared in 1998). I think these public art trails are great for getting people out and about 🙂 lots love Bec xx


      1. Cathy

        Ah, it was the lambananas that we saw – the penguins must have been somewhere else. With a December birthday we are gradually working round the UK’s cities for birthday breaks – perjhaps it was Bristol?


      2. Cathy

        We have only passed through Dundee and that was years ago, so it wasn’t there – I suppose lots of places are jumping onto the bandwagon, particularly if the items are sponsored as well


  3. Jasmin

    I wish we had a public art trail like this! It looks and sounds amazing. I need to check if there’s something like this at the Night of the Arts this year 🙂


    1. Bec - views from my garden bench Post author

      Many towns and cities have had public art trails like this – often animals but sometimes cartoons – Wallace and gromit are all around Bristol at the moment (Aardman who make the cartoons are based there). They also raise alot of money for local charities when the statues are auctioned. Hope they make it to finland soon. love Bec xx


  4. Beth Berger

    What a beautiful arrangement! I always see lovely ceramic pitchers at thrift shops and pass them up because I’m not sure what I’d use them for but this inspires me to pick one up and use it as a vase!


  5. greentapestry

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Bec. I like your bright and cheery vase of summer sunshine. It’s great to come across a blogger from just down the road. I live not far from Liverpool. I enjoyed a day out at the Tatton Flower Show too and am looking forward to seeing the Manchester bees in the near future. Thanks for all the useful links. I will do some research before I go 🙂


  6. Bexa

    I love this post Bec! 😍 There are so many pretty flowers! The flowers in the vase are absolutely beautiful and I love the Enjoy Today print. Also, the flower garden is gorgeous, such fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing 💖 xx

    Bexa |


  7. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    I have a larger jug like that and I love to put sunflowers in it- but like you I cant grow them in my garden. Perhaps this year with it being so dry would have been our year – I’m hoping the slug population dont return with a vengeance now the rain has returned!
    It’s a fabulous quote and one I remind myself of often x


    1. Bec - views from my garden bench Post author

      Charlotte’s china is so delicate isn’t it? Ive got a large jug and vase collection. I should have planted sunflowers this year too – Ive had no slug trouble apart from them eating my sacrificial marigolds 😉 yes I try to be in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes. love Bec x


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