Where I sit (part 1)

I sit in my garden ALOT – in the summer we eat in the garden and spend most of the evenings outside. My Chap would have us eating outside all year round if he could (in the rain and snow too). He’d be wearing a tee-shirt and shorts, I’d be in a bubble coat, gloves, hat and scarf cos I’m a soft southerner.

I do most of my thinking and planning when I’m in the garden – where to plant things, what to do at work and where to go on adventures.

The garden was in a right state when I moved in during the autumn in in October 2009. There were a couple of over-grown bushes, moss filled grass and a pile of slate chips pretending to be a patio. The following summer I just bought pots and a lot of fuchsias and waited to see if anything grew – it didn’t.

wooden and metal garden bench in corner of garden on shingle

Before – nackered bench 2010-2014

Then My Chap arrived in my life and we had all sorts of adventures – more of that another time -we planted lots of shrubs, bulbs and tomato plants. We were gifted a very nackered bench for the corner of the garden that gets the afternoon sun and that did us well for a couple of years.

In 2014, My Chap decided to build a proper deck and get a new bistro table. Got a great deal on pre-cut decking and he did the whole thing in a weekend – he said I needed my special place to sit and ponder life.

Didn’t he do well?

new decking with a vegetable bed on the left and a flower bed on the right. two chair bistro set

Deck – veg plot on the left and flowers on the right with very cheap bistro set from B&Q

Flower bed with summer flowers

Flower bed – yes the lobelia really were that colour

two ch air bistro set with aqua cushions among summer flowers - stone yoda on corner of decking

All ready for dinner – with candle, obviously. Yoda overseeing the garden

We also eat and sit at a table and bench right by the patio door but it’s in shade for most of the day – so it’s mostly for very hot days or when more than two people are eating with us.  However, it’s surrounded by plants in pots including my large collection of fuchsias.

I’ll write about where we sit Part 2 another time.

Do you sit outside in your garden or somewhere else?

Carpe Diem,

love Bec xx

7 thoughts on “Where I sit (part 1)

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    1. Bec Post author

      That is very true susan – there’s alot of love in our garden – we had our first evening meal outside over easter weekend – it was lovely and warm – I hope the sun is shining for you today too


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  3. luckykaye

    Love your spot! I’m a soft southerner that moved up North too. Am in North Notts. We had our garden landscaped a couple of years ago, and have a new spot where we sit as soon as there is a hint of warmer weather. Perfect for cocktails!! 😉


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