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In a Vase on Monday – thankful for hellebores

Cup of 'tea' in the garden - 6 April 2015

Cup of ‘tea’ in the garden – 6 April 2015

An important moment this weekend; on Easter Sunday we had our tea in the garden for the first time this year –  on our small table down at the bottom of the garden on decking my chap built (Where I sit – Part 1). My chap loves to eat outside and frankly, if he had his way, we’d be eating out all year round (I’d be in a bubble coat and gloves next to the fire pit obviously).  It was a lovely day on Easter Sunday; sunny, warm and we got plenty of gardening done too.

I decided to celebrate this auspicious day (and Easter, of course) using a teacup and hellebores for my ‘In a vase on Monday.   Please have a look at Cathy’s website who hosts the meme Rambling in the Garden – to see what other people have done too. Her display looks good enough to eat 🙂

hellebore and an agrimony teacup - 6th April 2016

hellebore and an agrimony teacup – 6th April 2016

I love hellebores – this one was a present from my mum so I don’t know the variety but it’s one commonly available in the garden centres.  I’ve just planted a white one called ‘Ellen White’ and I’d love a dark purple one.  A lot of my garden is shady, because it’s north facing with high fences, so I think I can justify another one even though space is tight.

Hellebores are known as ‘Lenten roses’ because they flower from February to April so it seems appropriate to mark Easter with my vase too. They aren’t part of the rose family though.  Mine didn’t flower here in Manchester until first week of March, so I’m hoping for a few more weeks yet.

The tea cup is part of set from Royal Worcester called ‘the language of flowers’.  The idea that flowers and plants represented certain attributes has been around for centuries, especially in paintings. The Victorian’s expanded this idea substantially especially for roses, every colour had meaning and also the location in the bouquet too.

Top shot - cup

The yellow flower on my teacup is agrimony which in the language of flowers means ‘thankfulness’.  The plant agrimony is a herbaceous perennial, which used to be common in hedgerows, and was used by the Roman’s to treat many ailments including stomach upset.   It is part of the rose family.   I’m going to look for it when I’m out in the countryside this year.

The teacup set was given to me by my boss who I worked with for about 12 years.  She was a truly inspirational person; I learnt so much from her.  She was exceptionally clever but very kind too; always helped people in their careers and was genuinely thrilled when we did well.  She’s retired now – happily gardening.

I am very thankful she was a part of my life.

I am very thankful I get to enjoy my garden, especially sharing food with the people I love.

Happy Easter everyone.

Carpe Diem

love Bec xxx