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In a Vase on Monday – sweetpeas (late but not forgotten) 

I’ve not been in the garden as much as I’d like this year, mainly lack of time, far too much going on.  Another devastating bereavement, my wonderful brother, I can’t express in words how much I miss him.   His death in March, led to major health relapse, my osteoarthritis went into meltdown. I’m much better now than I was, back at yoga, walking and feeling much more myself.  One of the reasons, I was so busy, was very good though – My Chap and I got married in September 🙂  more about that in other posts 🙂

It’s never too late to spend time in the garden though, so I’ve been out tidying up, and pruning.  I was at the bottom of the garden, and hidden behind a huge bush of purple perennial wallflower, I found some Spencer sweetpeas still flowering. I was gobsmacked,  as the sweetpeas at the back door, and front door, were over about a month ago.

Pink and purple sweetpeas in tall round glass vase

9 November 2017 – In a Vase on Monday – Spencer sweetpeas with lavender

Finding the sweetpeas reminded me that I’d not joined in with Cathy and her ‘In a Vase on Monday’ over on Rambling in the Garden for over six months.  I need to rectify that!  She’s got a Vase representing fireworks this week – it looks awesome.

So here’s more about the vase and the flowers:

  • these are Spencer sweetpeas,  they grow to over 6 foot, and I love the colour combinations, and of course, the smell. I buy them as small seedlings even though they’d be easy to grow from seed. We’ve only got small window sills and no room for a greenhouse – so needs must.
  • I’ve tried dwarf sweetpeas but the Spencer ones are definitely the most reliable in soggy Salford – if they avoid the slugs 😉
  • Sweet peas have appeared many times In a Vase on Monday over a couple of years – have a look on the #sweetpea hashtag
  • I love their scent – it still manages to waft around our tiny house days after they’ve been picked.
  • The lavender come from the newer plants we bought for our wedding, joining about 7 bushes dotted around our front garden. We’d planned to use them as centre pieces at our wedding but, due to a soggy September, most had gone over by our wedding day.  All wasn’t lost though – lots of lavender confetti.
  • The vase came from a local charity shop – a pound!

Near the wallflower is an offshoot of the honeysuckle, it’s rather taken advantage of one of our garden ‘sculptures’. It had the very last of the flowers. It’s made me smile watching it overtake the poll. And much like the sweetpeas, it’s found a way forward. Not the path it was expecting, but reaching for the light and flowering, despite obstacles – a bit like me.  It’s ‘supposed’ to be growing up the fence about four foot away.  I took a photo in May for #wordlesswednesday which shows how much it’s grown

9 November 2017 – errant honeysuckle and a watering can sculpture (and yoda too)

It’s been a very difficult few years but I am so fortunate to have my Chap holding my hand (sometimes metaphorically), my family and friends all around the world, by my side.  I know I need to take care of myself too.

An empty jug (or watering can) can’t pour – Anonymous

I’ll be paying attention to self-care – mindfulness, yoga, walks, fun, rest, Earl Grey tea – the smell of lavender. #365daysofselfcare

What I do know is Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. So on that note I plan more adventures in the across the North, the world, up a hill or two, buy the sea, drinking a Pimms,  eating a cake or just chilling in the garden.  I hope you’ll join us.

And as Yoda says,

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Carpe Diem

Love Bec xx xx xx


Wordless Wednesday (not) – glorious birthday memories

Today would have been Steve’s 48th birthday, who died so suddenly in April this year. He was a kind, funny, smart man with many interests including hill walking, United, cooking, science, travel, music, tennis, cryptic puzzles, real ale and darts.  A proud Lancastrian too.

I did what we’d have done on such a glorious day and went for a walk in the hills.  I went on one of our favourite walks which brought back so many happy memories.

White Coppice Cricket Ground - 15 August 2015

White Coppice Cricket Ground – 12 August 2015

He loved cricket too – and we’ve watched alot of cricket at Lancashire cricket ground. Today, I went to one of his favourite cricket grounds  – it combines his love of cricket and hill walking.

White Coppice Cricket Pavilion and the west pennine moors - 12 August 2015

White Coppice Cricket Pavilion and the west pennine moors – 12 August 2015

I went to White Coppice Cricket Ground (which is near Chorley in Lancashire) and went for a walk up Great Hill which is part of the West Pennine Moor – it’s beautiful especially on a sunny, summer day – glorious 12th indeed – not that Steve thought grouse shooting was a good thing to do.

White Coppice Cricket Pavilion in the trees

White Coppice Cricket Pavilion in the trees – 12 August 2015

A favourite walk of ours which brought back so many happy memories – we’ve watched plenty of cricket at White Coppice and it has a fine tea shop (open at the weekend) if you’re in the area.

roller out at White Coppice Cricket ground

roller out at White Coppice Cricket ground – 12 August 2015

Steve is so missed by so many people, but especially me – we were together for 20 years, ever  since we met at University in Stirling, and although we split up amicably 7 years ago – we remained good friends.  He and my Chap we’re good pals too – and had much in common like cooking, hill walking, gardening, travel, history and very similar values in life.  My chap thinks cricket is the world’s dullest sport though!

White Coppice Cricket Pavilion - 15 August 2015

White Coppice Cricket Pavilion – 15 August 2015

The White Coppice Cricket Ground is mentioned in the 100 most picturesque cricket club’s in Wisden; it was founded in the 1870s.  I really love this place and it is just so quitessentially English.   The groundsman told me that White Coppice is where Sir Henry Tate was born, as in the Gallery. It’s a tiny place now but back in the 19th century there were tin mines and mills.

cottages at White Coppice Cricket Ground - copyright R Jones 12 August 2015

cottages at White Coppice Cricket Ground – 12 August 2015

I cannot express in words how much I miss Steve – but his wit, kindness and ‘joie de vivre’ is always with me. He is missed by so many people as he touched people’s lives and made a difference to everyone he met.  I am so fortunate that all our many friends, his work pals and old friends from University but especially my wonderful Chap are helping me with all the practical things as well as all the grief too – that and my garden, flowers and the beauty of Nature.

Public Footpath to Belmont and Brinscall - 12 August 2015

Public Footpath to Belmont and Brinscall – 12 August 2015

I had a lovely day on the hills and it lifted my soul… and the sheep didn’t eat my sandwishes – they nicked Steve’s ham butty once…didn’t do it again…

Rest in Peace – Gentle Giant

Carpe Diem


Bec xxx