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#100happydays 50-54 Cottonopolis WI and Christmas films

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The beginning of December was really hectic for me – I was working on some new projects at work, with a whole new team in a different building, so there was a lot to get my head around.  They’re all lovely, very welcoming and I’m enjoying the projects, but I’m still absolutely shattered and my back pain is dire at the moment.   The #100happydays challenge has helped me look for positive things every day, even when I’m having a pain-filled and exhausting day.

I started to look forward to Christmas too – and one of the first things coming up in the month was our monthly meeting at Cottonopolis Women’s Institute on  2nd December 2015.

#100happydays Cottonopolis WI December meeting

#100happydays Cottonopolis WI 2 December 2015 meeting

50/100 – Cottonopolis Women’s Institute 2 December 2015

Our December meeting is all about Crafts and getting into the Christmas spirit.
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#100happydays Christmas Sunday – turkey and ham pie

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart – Cesar Chavez – co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association.



My Chap is a really good cook; he used to be a chef when he was young.  He decided to make turkey and ham pie for dinner tonight.  I’ve been absolutely full of a cold so it was just what I needed. It was absolutely lovely and definitely today’s #100happydays photo. Continue reading

Christmas #100happydays hug the people you love



Christmas tea, it's a wonderful time of year.


Hug the people you love, and tell them too, especially if they live a long way away. They might not be around tomorrow.  Look for the positives every day. I’ve tried to do this every day this year, even in the dark times. My Chap, my family, my friends and my garden help.  #100happydays

On Christmas Day please take the time to do something you like doing, eat and drink something you like and make some good memories.  I shall be doing the same – walking in the woods, pottering in the garden (no rain!)  eating smoked salmon and drinking bubbly with my Chap – and reminding him I love him mind, body and spirit to the end of my days.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.

i hope you all have the best Christmas you can.

Carpe Diem.

Love bec xx

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Wordless Wednesday #100happydays – wonderful Christmas wreath

#100happydays Christmas is on the way

Wordless Wednesday – #100happydays –  Christmas is on the way

A wonderful wreath from Alexandra’s cakes and flowers, in Irlam #shoplocal #100happydays

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